Democrat Mayor Orders Crew To Dig Up Body of Confederate General

 It doesn’t matter who is buried, digging up the dead body of anyone laid to rest (besides forensic investigators cracking a cold case) is extremely disrespectful.

Richmond, Virginia Democrat Mayor LeVar Stoney ordered a grounds crew to dig up the decomposed body of Confederate General AP Hill.

The move by Stoney comes a day after General AP Hill’s statue was taken down and due to his statue being used as a tombstone, his body was removed the very next day.

Distant relatives attempted to stop Hill’s remains from being dug up but Richmond Circuit Court judge ruled in favor of the skeletal remains to be removed.

In times past Mayor LeVar Stoney has received backlash from residents of Richmond for publicly supporting the BLM movement and even going as far as publicly claiming BLM rioters who vandalized different areas of Richmond  were actually white supremacists in disguise. 

John Hill who is a descendent of General Hill was at the unburial but was heckled by several protestors.

One person in particular threatened Hill by saying “I’ll beat you like your daddy should’ve”.



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