Elon Says He Wanted To “Punch Kanye” After Posting Swastika

 In Elon Musk’s most recent Twitter Space, Musk shared how he felt about Ye’s recent Twitter ban.

The usually calm and collected Musk let out a rare burst of raw emotion and shared he wanted to hurt “Kanye” after he posted a Swastika.

While speaking about Ye’s ban, Musk was quoted saying “I think posting swastikas in what is obviously not a good way is an incitement to violence”.

He would follow up his comments by saying “I personally wanted to punch Kanye so it was definitely inviting me to violence”.



Before being permanently suspended Ye would take an extra shot at Elon by posting this photo:

Elon would make it clear Kanye was being suspended for inciting violence by posting a swastika and not his tweet about Musk.

This isn’t the first time Elon has offered emotion while speaking about a Twitter ban.

Previously Musk explained Alex Jones would not be unbanned because of his previous statement about Sandy Hook.

Musk stated, “I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame”.

Despite Twitter’s ruling on Ye and Jones’ Twitter accounts, Twitter is in much better hands with Musk than the liberal regime that was literally collaborating with the DNC to censor Conservatives.

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