Nancy Pelosi Asks Her Daughter If She’s ‘A B*tch’ In New Documentary

 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi asked her daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, if she is a “bitch” during a coronavirus teleconference with then-Vice President Mike Pence in 2020, according to a Tuesday report.

Pelosi’s daughter, a documentarian, has been filming a documentary about her mother for years and will release the film, titled “Pelosi in the House,” at 9 p.m. Tuesday night on HBO. During a scene in the documentary, Pelosi was reportedly doing the laundry and making her bed as Pence spoke during a coronavirus teleconference in the middle of a 2020 congressional recess. Her husband, Paul Pelosi, can reportedly be seen cooking food in the kitchen during the teleconference, Politico reported.

Her daughter then asks Pelosi during the teleconference what the point of the call was, to which Pelosi reportedly said: “They’re checking a box.”

At one point, Pelosi reportedly unmutes herself and said “this has been a useful exchange” in a sarcastic tone, and then criticized Pence for the way the Trump administration was handling COVID. 

After saying “Happy Easter,” Pelosi reportedly muted herself and looked at her daughter and asked: “Am I a bitch?”

In January, Pelosi announced she would run for reelection. In November, Pelosi announced she would not seek reelection as Democratic House leader.

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