Protests Erupt Outside Drag Queen Story Hour in NYC After AOC Encourages Comrades to ‘Protect’ Event (VIDEO)


Protests erupted outside of a drag queen story hour event in Queens, New York on Thursday evening.

Earlier this week Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez riled up the comrades and told them to show up to the library to protect the drag queens.

“Let’s have some joyful fun! Join Queens Public Library for a Drag Story Hour (DSH), featuring an amazing drag artist reading picture books, singing songs, and leading children in a craft activity. This delightful program is a celebration of gender diversity, offering kids unabashedly queer role models and the confidence to express themselves however they feel comfortable,” the library said in a post.


Violent left-wing protesters showed up to the event on AOC’s orders.

NYPD tried to keep the protesters and counter-protesters apart.


A woman was assaulted outside of the library.


“These kids are being groomed! How can you support something so sick and evil?” a man shouted at the far-left supporters.


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