3-Year-Old Girl Forced To Go To The Hospital After Teacher Deliberately Threw Chair At Her, Police Say

 A 3-year-old Tennessee girl ended up in the hospital after her preschool teacher reportedly threw a metal chair at her deliberately, striking her in the head, authorities say.

Police arrested and charged 22-year-old Camryn Faye Hunter with aggravated child abuse after surveillance video from Stay-N-Play Learning Preschool showed Hunter lobbing a metal chair at the 3-year-old child for no apparent reason, WSMV reported.

Hunter initially told officials at the daycare that the child had fallen and hit her head, but a review of the security footage revealed it was not an accident, according to the outlet.

“There were children in each area of the room,” Detective Savanah Martin told WSMV. “The victim was behind a table. The teacher just stood up and picked a chair up over her head and threw it straight at the little girl.”

“I was speechless,” Martin continued, according to the outlet. “I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t understand why because it didn’t look like the child was doing anything out of the ordinary that she shouldn’t have been.”

Preschool owner Tammy Craig said Hunter was “terminated immediately from the daycare” and that the preschool followed every state protocol, including calling the Department of Child Services once the incident was discovered, WSMV reported. Martin said the preschool was fully cooperating with the investigation.

“There was no way [the preschool staff] could’ve known when they hired [Hunter] that that was going to happen. There are bad employees at every workplace,” Martin told the outlet.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services said the preschool has a clean record with no previous violations, WSMV reported.

The victim allegedly suffered a goose-egg bruise between her eyes from the reported assault. Hunter has since been released on a $10,000 bond and is due in court Jan. 18, according to the outlet.

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