Controversial California Laws Take Effect January 1st – Including Punishing Doctors For COVID “Misinformation”


California is a disaster.

Multiple controversial laws are set to go into effect in California.

One law would allow for doctors to face discipline for COVID “misinformation” — this includes information on if vaccines are effective.

Another law would seal the criminal records of at least 225,000 Californians. 

A third law would allow nurse practitioners to perform first-trimester abortions without doctors’ supervision.

Loitering for the intent to engage in prostitution will also be decriminalized.

These laws will take effect on January 1st.

The Epoch Times reported:

This law allows doctors to face discipline for spreading so-called misinformation or disinformation about COVID-19—including information about vaccine effectiveness and other treatments—and categorizes such as unprofessional conduct.

Physicians and surgeons are regulated by the Medical Board. Under current law, the board is required to act against any licensed doctor who is charged with unprofessional conduct.

At least 225,000 Californians with prior convictions or arrests will be able to have their records automatically sealed from criminal background checks due to this new law.

While the records will be automatically sealed once people complete their sentence and go four years without new arrests, others will now be able to petition a judge to have theirs sealed.

No wonder everyone is fleeing California!

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