GOP House Member Assures FOX News Host True Conservative Will be Elected Speaker Over Kevin McCarthy


The Mainstream Media is upset with conservative GOP Representatives who are saying they won’t vote for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.  They want to know, if not McCarthy then who?

Representative Bob Good joined the War Room to discuss the reasons he is not voting for McCarthy for House Speaker.  Good was very articulate in sharing on November 25th that for two years Kevin McCarthy revealed he was unable to face down the Democrats and their open destruction of the republic.

GOP Reps like Good want much more from the new Speaker. 


FOX News anchor Griff Jenkins pressed Republican Virginia Rep. Bob Good this morning on who in his party should step up as House Speaker.

Jenkins asked the representative who should assume the role as Speaker, if not McCarthy. Good assured that an alternative choice will be placed on the second ballot, which occurs if a candidate does not secure a majority in an initial vote.

“What we’ll do is we’ll block Kevin, I expect the fifteen members will vote against him on the first ballot tomorrow, that will vote for [Republican Arizona Rep.] Andy Biggs. But then I think we’ll see on the second ballot, an increasing number of members voting for a true candidate who can represent a conservative sector of the conference, can motivate the base, to aspire Republicans across the country, get to 218 votes, bring our conference together to fight against the radical Democrat agenda.”

“Who is that name? Here, we are in the eleventh hour with no name. Give me a name,” Jenkins said. “It’s not Andy Biggs. Andy Biggs isn’t gonna win.”

“We’ve got to resist for a few more hours and I have resisted for the last several weeks because, as you know, we would put forth a name right now. Over the last few weeks, that person would have suffered attacks and retaliation—”

“You don’t have a name,” he said.

“Griff, you’ll see that name tomorrow on the second ballot,” Good said.

The Fox News host then asked if Good will “accept responsibility” for “damage” done to the Republican conference by voting against the party’s current leader. The representative said the same people who have repeatedly criticized McCarthy’s leadership now want members of the party to “surrender” to the status quo.

Jenkins continued to press Good on who McCarthy’s opponents will place on the second ballot.

“But who is he? Could you envision Steve Scalise elevating for majority leader?” he asked.

“We’ll figure that out tomorrow on the second ballot, Griff,” Good repeated.

The representative argued that McCarthy’s leadership will lead to massive spending and will refuse to fight for “true conservative principles.” He vowed to put forth a “true challenged candidate” on the second ballot to run against the leader. Jenkins argued that most Republicans want to address these issues and asked if this opposition to McCarthy is “personal.”

“That’s just silly, we’re doing what we know is right for the country, what our constituents want us to do,” he responded. “We’re doing this for those who voted for us to bring true change to Washington, fight against the Biden-Schumer agenda, and we’re gonna do everything to make sure that we have a strong conservative leader who represents the conservative voters across the country who sent us to Washington.”

Here is a video of the discussion.

Representative Good is right.  This is why these people were sent to Washington, not to play games or get rich or put on productions, but to save this country from the communist invasion that is currently going on.

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