“It’s a Happy Day at Kamala Harris’s House” – Tucker Carlson Compares Andrew Cuomo’s Demise to Current Regime Assault on Joe Biden


It appears Joe Biden’s shelf life of usefulness has finally expired.

Democrats were successful in 2020, inserting an crooked politician with dementia into the White House and stealing the election from the most popular sitting president in history. But when Old Joe announced recently that he would run again in 2024 it was too much for the power brokers in the regime. Joe had to go.

And so suddenly — after years of corruption, criminal activity, and perversion, the regime this week leaked information that Joe Biden was illegally holding classified documents in his garage and at his offices.

Joe needs to go. 

Tucker Carlson tonight compared this week’s assault on Joe Biden to the demise of Andrew Cuomo.

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo was the darling of the left during the pandemic. But when whispers of a Cuomo presidency started the New York Governor was promptly tossed into the trash heap of Democrat scandal and was forced to step down in August 2021.

We’ve seen this before.

Now it’s Joe Biden’s turn. It looks like this is the end for Old Joe.

Tucker says, “It’s a happy day in Kamala Harris’s house.”

Via Midnight Rider.

More… Both President Trump and Edward Snowden questioned the timing.

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