President Trump’s Documents Held at Mar-a-Lago Were Legit But Biden Held Classified Intel That Went Against the Law – When Did the DOJ Know?


When did the DOJ know that Biden held classified documents against the law?  Was this before the corrupt FBI raided President Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago?

This week it was reported that the Deep State DOJ knew that Joe Biden while Obama’s Vice President, maintained super classified documents at his office at the University of Penn where China had donated millions of dollars.

This information comes after this past summer when the DOJ raided President Trump’s home, stole the President’s documents, and accused the President of illegally maintaining classified information against the law.

The FBI continued its attack against President Trump after he left office and raided his home and stole some documents the President maintained there.  These documents were secure, they were his and they were legitimately there. 

This raid shocked the nation.

Attorney Mike Davis at the time shared that the raid was unprecedented, unnecessary and unlawful. 

The President has the right to declassify records.  President Trump did before he arrived in Mar-a-Lago and he kept the documents safe.  There was no need to raid the President’s home.  Some believe that the FBI took documents from President Trump that implicated the FBI.

Fast forward to this week.  Documents were “found” at the Biden office at Penn University.  The documents held very sensitive information that could get people killed if in the wrong hands.  China donated millions to the facility at Penn U.

Joe Biden was Obama’s Vice President.  He had no reason to maintain these top-secret documents.  As VP Biden did not have the authority to declassify these documents. He committed crimes by holding this information in such a non-secure environment.

Mike Davis spoke about this today on the War Room where he shared that Biden undeniably committed multiple felonies in maintaining this information at Penn U.

It’ actually much worse than Trump, because President Trump had the absolute Constitutional powers as Commander in Chief and the Statutory power under the Presidential Records Act to take his Presidential records when he left office, classified or not.  He could declassify them.  He could take declassified records…

Contrast that with then former Vice President Joe Biden.  He had none of those powers…

Biden had these documents in his personal files.  He committed numerous felonies by doing so.

How long did the DOJ know about these crimes?  How many individuals lives were or are at risk by having these documents sitting around Biden’s office?  Did China know or pay for these documents?  Did the FBI know about these documents before they raided Mar-a-Lago and if before, is that why they raided Mar-a-Lago in the first place, to project their crimes on President Trump?  

Americans are very tired of this absolute corruption.

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