THANK YOU REPUBLICAN SELL-OUTS: Woke Pentagon Begins ERASING CONFEDERATE HISTORY, Expunging Symbols and Names from Military Assets


Full credit to this disgrace goes to the spineless Republicans who caved to Democrats led by Massachusetts Senator and Fake Indian Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-MA) in the wake of the George Floyd riots.  Now the Regime will begin the process of erasing all references to Confederate heroes, undoubtedly replacing with them with figures sure to garner plaudits from the radical left.

Hope you enjoyed Fort Lee, Fort Benning, and Fort Bragg. How do Fort Obama, Fort Kennedy, and Fort Sharpton sound to you?

Anyway, here are the details from the Daily Caller:

“The Department of Defense (DOD) will officially begin the estimated $62 million process of renaming or removing military assets seen as honoring the Confederacy, the Pentagon announced Thursday.” 

“Each service has until Jan. 1, 2024 to implement the changes recommended in a report compiled by the DOD’s Naming Commission, created after Congress instructed DOD to identify and root out any symbols, buildings, equipment or other assets that might appear to commemorate the Confederacy in 2021, according to a statement.”

“The Naming Commission presented its third and final report to Congress in September, detailing hundreds of items that would need renaming for an estimated cost of $62 million.”

“Over the winter break from Dec. 2022 to Jan. 2023, West Point began removing or relocating 12 Confederate articles, including a portrait of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, identified in the commission’s report, as well as bronze plaques bearing Confederate figures and references to the Ku Klux Klan.”

“The Army tallied the highest number of buildings, equipment, symbols, and other assets representing the Confederacy, including 52 National Guard units who historically fought against the Union in the Civil War authorized to use campaign streamers bearing colors and markings of the Confederacy, according to the third report. A monument honoring Confederate soldiers interned at Arlington National Cemetery “reflecting the sanitized ‘Lost Cause’ view of the Civil War,” may also come down.”

Let’s roll the clock back to discover why America will be losing a vital part of its history. On June 9, 2020, Pocahontas filed an amendment to the annual defense bill (NDAA) to remove “the names of Confederate leaders form all military assets within three years.”  One would think with the Senate controlled by Republicans, they would just laugh it off.

Then-President Donald Trump certainly wanted them to execute this simple lay-up. Here was his tweet back then:

Unfortunately, a GOP-led panel decided to cower before the Marxist Black Lives Matter mob instead of supporting their president and approved the measure by voice vote to the NDAA two days later. This put the rest of the Republicans in an unnecessary bind after some their colleagues caved. Still, there was time to strip the measure out provided Senate GOP leaders demonstrated a little backbone and lobbied the sell-outs.

Instead, they caved completely and approved the defense bill with Pocahontas amendment intact by an 86-14 vote, a veto proof majority. This sealed the fate of all revered Confederate history on DOD property, because the House-passed NDAA bill cancelled the Confederacy within a year.

The bills went to conference and the House eventually accepted the Senate’s version. The reconciled bill passed overwhelming and arrived on Trump’s desk in late December which he vetoed. Congress then overrode his veto on January 1, 2021, officially making the NDAA law.

As the Regime continues cancel history which many across the country venerate particularly in the South, remember the quislings who made this all possible. These turncoats all reside within the Republican Party.

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