Trump Says Parents Should Get to Elect School Principals (VIDEO)


Former President Donald Trump is calling for parents to be able to elect principals at their children’s schools.

Trump announced the idea in a new campaign video released on Thursday.

“More than anyone else, parents know what their children need,” Trump said in the video. “If any principal is not getting the job done, the parents should be able to vote to fire them and select someone who will. This will be the ultimate form of local control.”


Trump also listed several other ideas for education reform in the video, including abolishing tenure for public school teachers.

“When I’m president, we will put parents back in charge and give them the final say,” Trump said. “We will give our kids the high-quality, pro-American education they deserve.”

Trump also vowed to cut funding for “any school or program pushing critical race theory, gender ideology or other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content onto our children” and create a parents’ bill of rights that includes school choice and “curriculum transparency.”

The 2024 Republican presidential candidate also said that he will direct federal agencies to “open civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination. That includes discrimination against Asian Americans.”

Trump additionally promised to “create a new credentialing body that will be the gold standard anywhere in the world to certify teachers who embrace patriotic values support our way of life and understand that their job is not to indoctrinate children”

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