Cruz Reacts To Biden Shooting Down Multiple Unidentified Objects: He ‘Finally Grew A Pair’

 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded this week to President Joe Biden’s decision to shoot down multiple unidentified objects over North American airspace last weekend after allowing a Chinese spy balloon to travel across the U.S. by saying the president “finally grew a pair.”

Cruz’s remarks come after the U.S. military shot down an unidentified object off the coast of Alaska on Friday, another flying over Canada on Saturday, and a third one over Lake Huron on Sunday.

Cruz said on his podcast “Verdict” that the Biden administration tried to spin the news coverage of the Chinese spy balloon two weeks ago by claiming that spy balloons flew over the U.S. during the Trump administration, and that the Trump administration did not know about it.

“What’s changed? Well, we’ve seen now three shot and shot down in a row,” Cruz said. “The biggest thing that’s changed is I think they had so much egg on their face for sitting there for over a week and doing nothing that they finally grew a pair and said, ‘we’re gonna shoot them down.’”

Later in the podcast, Cruz complimented Biden for his response to the downed second, third, and fourth unidentified objects.

“Well, let me do something I don’t do very often on this podcast, which is praise Joe Biden,” Cruz said. “The reaction to the first balloon was incredibly weak and ineffective. But the second, third, and fourth one–thank God —like, this is exactly what you should be doing. If you’re flying over our airspace, we’re gonna shoot you down! I’m glad of that. It took a while. They had to get embarrassed and shamed into it. But they got to the right outcome. And so that’s good. I am glad of that. This is a deterrent.”

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