LIBERAL RAGE: Alt-Left Activists Reveal They Are Losing Work in Biden Economy and They Are Triggered


Woke, radical left agitators for years have utilized their power to fire conservatives from their jobs, depriving them an opportunity to make a living. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine.

The massive layoffs sweeping corporate America under the garbage Biden economy are now claiming so-called “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) positions. The tech industry, for example, has laid off roughly a third of their DEI staff.

Until now, these alt-left activists could count on multiple yearly invites from major corporations to indoctrinate employees. Some DEI figures have made thousands of dollars off a single appearance.

Now the gravy train is starting to run dry and they are unhappy. Kira Davis at located a tweet from “Madi.B,” one the DEI “workers” suddenly having a difficult time in the Biden economy. 

In her tweet, “Madi.B” whines she is getting almost no work this year.

She received a number of responses from “anti-racist” individuals having similar experiences.

Instead of trying to understand why their work was no longer needed, the racial agitators decided to blame others. Most of their complaints were directed at corporations and society as a whole.

Some even blamed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While perhaps no state politician has owned the libs more than him, this still does not account for racial agitators in other states losing work.

While normally one should not celebrate others losing work, these individuals’ livelihoods centered around taking away other Americans’ right to work. No one should feel sorry for these woke leftists.

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