‘You Can Never Really Catch Him’: Chris Hayes Says Pence Uses The ‘Taco Bell-Pizza Hut’ Theory Of VP Immunity

 Chris Hayes said that former Vice President Mike Pence employed the “Taco Bell-Piza Hut” theory of vice presidential immunity on MSNBC on Wednesday.

Pence recently cited his former membership in the legislature to dodge a subpoena from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s request for information regarding Jan. 6 and former President Donald Trump’s involvement in the riot. Pence reportedly plans to use the “speech and debate” clause, which protects members of the legislature from engaging in legal matters related to their roll. The argument, if invoked, would be the first time it has been used. 

“Just quickly I’ll give a sort of 10 second version of the Mike Pence constitutional theory, which is a sort of Dick Cheney combination Taco Bell-Pizza Hut theory, that the vice president because he’s in the executive is the vice president, because he’s the president of the Senate, he’s in the Taco Bell and the Pizza Hut, and he’s in the executive and the legislative.”

“And when you try to go get him here, he comes over to the legislative, and when you try to get him there, he’s in the executive, and you can never catch him. That’s the short version of it.”

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