Biden Taps Potential 2024 Contenders To Campaign Advisory Board In Bid For Unity

 President Joe Biden’s aides are gathering top Democrats to sit on a “National Advisory Board” to promote unity around the president as he moves towards an expected campaign announcement, according to The Washington Post.

The campaign board, through the Democratic National Convention, will be stacked with prominent governors and senators, as well as other well-known Democrats, rumored 2024 contenders of Biden, the Post reported. They will be tasked with creating a unified effort behind the president to deter opposition by attending events, making television appearances and traveling alongside Biden.

Over 20 prominent Democrats have already been chosen to lead the effort, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and California Rep. Ro Khanna has also tapped for the board.

“By pulling people into his campaign, he will show that he is going to tap the ideas, the passion, the energy of the next generation of Democratic thinkers and leaders,” Khanna told the Post.

Many of those enlisted have been rumored to be possible 2024 Democratic contenders, namely Newsom and Pritzker, who have been keeping the door open in the event that the president does not run.

Those close to the president told the Post that this campaign board is modeled after a similar coalition from former President Barack Obama’s reelection, but they are starting it earlier than he did.

Biden has yet to officially announce his run for president, but is widely expected to do so in April, despite the majority of Democrats preferring someone else and nearly half of Democrats thinking he’s too old. 

Only one other Democrat has announced a run for The White House – author Marianne Williamson – who will formally enter the race Saturday. This will be Williamson’s second run for president, as she ran in 2020. 

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