Even Liberal Newspaper Admits Trump Admin Did Nothing to Contribute to Ohio Train Derailment – President Trump Responds


After the Biden administration botched its response to the Ohio train derailment, they went into damage control mode.

Rather than apologizing to the American people, they blamed Donald Trump.

USA Today reported:

The White House is firing back at Republicans following the toxic East Palestine, Ohio train derailment, blaming the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress for undoing Obama-era rail safety measures designed to avert such disasters.

The aggressive rebuttal came as former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine on Wednesday and Republicans increasingly attack the Biden administration, especially Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, for its response to the Feb. 3 Norfolk Southern freight train derailment that unleased toxic chemicals.

“Congressional Republicans and former Trump Administration officials owe East Palestine an apology for selling them out to rail industry lobbyists when they dismantled Obama-Biden rail safety protections as well as EPA powers to rapidly contain spills,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement to USA TODAY.

Even the Washington Post couldn’t buy into this lie.

The Washington Post did a review of regulatory changes under the Trump administration.

The review found that not a single regulatory change made by the Trump administration caused the derailment to happen.

Mediaite reported:

In the wake of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, former President Donald Trump faced criticism for his efforts to roll back regulations that numerous commentators blamed for the disaster. But a review by Glenn Kessler at The Washington Post of the regulatory changes passed by the Trump administration found that none of them could be shown to have contributed to the Feb. 3 accident.


The National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary report noted that the Norfolk Southern train crew had been in the process of trying to respond to an alert about an overheating wheel bearing by slowing the train when it left the tracks, derailing 38 cars, 11 of which contained hazardous materials.

“From our analysis, none of the regulatory changes made during the Trump administration at this point can be cited as contributing to the accident,” wrote Kessler.

In each of these cases, the Post found that the Trump admin’s change was either not relevant or had not been shown to have an effect that could have contributed to the derailment. For example, this specific train did have on board a two-person crew plus an additional trainee, the ethylene oxide regulation change related to plant emissions (not transport), and the investigations so far have not shown any safety or maintenance issue that might have been uncovered by Obama-era regulations that Trump unwound or repealed.

Trump reacted to the Washington Post actually reporting the truth by saying, “Really good investigative journalism by The Washington Post. Keep it going!”

Truth Social:

Wow, is The Washington Post becoming legit. They just reported that the weak and totally ineffective Secretary of Transportation, Pete “BUTTedgeedge,” LIED when he said that the Trump Administrations great and effective reduction in regulations, a giant job producer, had NOTHING to do with the East Palestine Train Derailment. It was just more Dem DISINFORMATION in order to deflect from their gross incompetence. Really good investigative journalism by The Washington Post. Keep it going!

Even the mainstream press can’t cover up all the lies the Biden administration pushes.

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