An insane new perspective on everyday things (20 Photos)

The inside of a green wall.
This is what raindrops look like on top of a Toyota Prius.
An eyeball after a cornea transplant. These are the stitches.
Tires from a bird’s-eye view.
A turtle’s skeleton looks nearly empty inside.
Golf balls cut in half.
Now you know a whale’s blowhole looks like a giant nose.
The inside of a cactus.
Pearls cut in halves look like tiny galaxies.
A jellyfish-like peeled aloe vera leaf
The inside of a bowling ball.
It’s beautiful and disgusting all at the same time.
Marijuana looks like a piece of a fairytale forest up close.
Inside a Redbox machine.
The skeleton of a 28 ft anaconda.
A toothpaste container cut in half.
The inside of a guitar looks like an apartment I can’t afford.
A firework shell cut in half.
The underside of a lily pad.
Inside a container ship.
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