California students are asked if we should build border wall. Their arguments are the all time WORST

Slightly Offens*ve’s Elijah Schaffer and journalist Michael A. (@the_blackmic) headed to Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, to ask students for their opinions about building the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. In every case, the conversation — which was meant to be about illegal immigration — quickly turned to racism.

Here are a few of their arguments:

  • We should get rid of the wall so people can work in the U.S. illegally, then go home to Mexico more easily.
  • We shouldn’t have a wall because people who jump over it “get shot down all the time.”
  • The wall is a bad idea because President Donald Trump is a racist who “doesn’t comment on white nationalists.” And by the way, black people can’t be racist.
  • The wall leads to “divisiveness, creating borders between people. There’s already a f***ing border, you don’t need a giant f***ing wall. That’s my tax dollars being wasted because of a bunch of white people who are afraid of losing money.”
  • People could simply use ladders to go over the wall or tunnel under it.
  • The wall is purely to keep out Mexicans because white people only want white immigrants.
  • The government is xenophobic.
  • Non-unionized counties like “Norway” and “Germany” are “kicking the s**t” out of the U.S. economy and educational system.
Watch the full video below:

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