Marijuana website offers free medical pot to federal workers who aren't being paid

BudTrader, an online marijuana marketplace, announced Thursday its offer to donate medical cannabis to federal employees in California who are impacted by the partial government shutdown.
The company wrote in a post on its website that it would donate the maximum legal amount of cannabis to any of the 800,000 federal workers who aren't receiving a paycheck during the shutdown.
"To any Federal Employee unable to pay for their medical cannabis due to the Government shutdown, BudTrader will donate to you the allowable, legal, limit according to California adult use rules and regulations to help ease your suffering in this difficult time," the company wrote on Facebook.
It also assured customers that all donations would be kept confidential.

What did the CEO say?

BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin commented on his company's actions.
"I don't think federal employees are getting enough love and support, in these tough times, we want to extend the offer of a donation of medical cannabis to any federal worker affected by the shutdown," McLaughlin said, according to WXYZ-TV. "We only hope our actions inspire larger companies to also try and help federal employees affected by the shutdown."

What else?

The company is also working with a lawyer to make sure that all donations are "compliant with California Cannabis adult use laws and regulations," WXYZ reported.
"God Bless all Federal Employees, God Bless the Cannabis Community and God Bless the United States of America," BudTrader wrote.
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