Well that’s just insane (29 photos)

As clumsy as moose can appear, they’re incredibly fucking powerful
The floor is lava: expert level
This storm in Oman poured three years worth of rain in a single day.

Graves from the Victorian age, when a fear of zombies and vampires was prevalent. The cage was intended to trap the ”undead” just in case the corpse was reanimated

Samsung’s safety trucks show the road ahead on the back of the truck, so that cars can pass safely

$1.6 billion in gold
Normandy beach landing scene in Spielberg’s Saving Pirate Ryan cost $12 million alone, employed over 1,500 extras and has been rated ”the best battle scene of all time” by Empire magazine

Twin turtles hatching from a single egg
This picture was taken somewhere on the Indian highway. Two elephants reach out in a brief moment of love and bonding before being taken away from each other
Camouflage works

During WWII, a young actress decided to boost morale by attempting to kiss 10,000 young soldiers, she puckered up to 733 the first day

Japan fixed this road in just two days.
800-Year Old Norwegian Church
The raptors in Jurassioc World before CGI.
This potato farmer’s property
Capturing plasma in a syringe.
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