‘YOU’RE the climate deniers.’ Ben Shapiro beats the Left at their own ridiculous climate change game in EPIC thread

Ben Shapiro has some … interesting ideas on how we can actually stop climate change in its tracks and by interesting we mean ALMOST as far out there as the whole stopping cows from farting thing proposed by our dear friends on the Left.
This thread will likely cause several heads to explode (or is that implode?) in the climate change cult but what else is new?
Guys, if we're really going to dream big and stop climate change in its tracks -- if this is truly like WWII and we're preventing global destruction -- it's time to bomb coal plants in China and India. We simply have no other choice.

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Did he say it’s time to bomb coal plants in China and India?
Dooooood, sh*t just got REAL.
Well, if AOC is right and we only have 12 years left if we don’t act immediately we suppose Ben has a good point here.
It's time to be audacious. Dream big. Think outside the box. Go on offense, not defense. Stop worrying about the cost.

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Someone grab a ton of corks, there are literally THOUSANDS of cow farts to block. GO TEAM GO!
Wait, what?
Sorry, this editor may have had a teensy bit too much coffee to drink this morning, carry on.
How much global warming would be averted if the United States cut its emissions to net zero and the sensitivity of the climate is 4.5? 0.062°C by 2050 and 0.173°C by 2100. That's not going to cut it, guys. https://www.cato.org/carbon-tax-temperature-savings-calculator 

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We were told there would be NO math, Ben.
So sure, let's retrofit every building in the United States, kill all the farting cows, stop air travel, crush all cars, and shut down all our power plants. But just know that until we get serious about bombing the coal factories in China and India, you're climate deniers.

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So STICK THAT in your Green New Deal pipes and smoke it!
Ummm, Ben just said we should bomb coal plants.
Maybe read it again, ‘Chase’.
Unicorn dust, duh.
We’re all on the Titanic thanks to people like Shapiro who has zero interest in leading by example

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Man, these people are such babies.
Foul ball!
This could work.
You know that face you make when you’ve been looking for your sunglasses for hours and find them on your head? Yup, just made that face.
Good times.
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