Andy McCarthy has one question for Robert Mueller and HOO BOY is it important

HOO BOY is this the million-dollar question or what from former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy?
It will be funny when Dems demand a release of the full Mueller report and it gives us this information and then Trump wins all over again:

And there will be fireworks if Mueller made this determination before the 2018 election, which seems likely. From the piece:
Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has concluded that there was no criminal collusion, the question arises: When during their exhaustive 22-month investigation did prosecutors realize they had no case?
I put it at no later than the end of 2017. I suspect it was in the early autumn.
By the time Mueller was appointed on May 17, 2017, the FBI had been trying unsuccessfully for nearly a year to corroborate the dossier’s allegations. Top bureau officials have conceded to congressional investigators that they were never able to do so – notwithstanding that, by the time of Mueller’s appointment, the Justice Department and FBI had relied on the dossier three times, in what they labeled “VERIFIED” applications, to obtain warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
The narrative from libs so far is that the Trump administration is afraid of the full report getting released, but what if that’s totally wrong? We will certainly find out soon:

After dinner with the Attorney General ⁦@LindseyGrahamSC⁩ says he thinks the Mueller report will be released sometime in April and says the President isn’t going to claim executive privilege over any of it. “He said just release it.”

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