‘That should do it’! Here’s how ESPN’s reportedly handling Keith Olbermann’s campaign to make hunter’s life ‘a living hell’

Keith Olbermann recently tried to recruit his minions to make a Mississippi hunter’s life “a living hell” for the crime of shooting a white turkey — and to get the journalist who wrote about it fired.
It be rare and beautiful so me should kill it.

This pea-brained scumbag identifies himself as Hunter Waltman and we should do our best to make sure the rest of his life is a living hell. And the nitwit clown who wrote this fawning piece should be fired. https://www.clarionledger.com/story/sports/outdoors/2019/03/25/turkey-hunter-bags-bizarre-white-turkey-mississippi/3210749002 

People like Stephen Gutowski couldn’t help but wonder how Olbermann’s bosses at ESPN felt about it:
Is @ESPN going to do anything about this? Is it in line with their editorial standards for their hosts to send their million+ followers after a random hunter and a local journalist?

Looks like we’ve got our answer:

They’ve “spoken to him.” Harsh.
Oh, well. I guess its all good now. They spoke to him. He only threatened to make the life of a private citizen "living hell".

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Olbermann must be quaking in his boots right about now.
Guess it’s safe to assume he’s not sorry.

Sounds reasonable to us!
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