At second glance that’s even crazier than you thought (38 Photos)

The Way This Picture Of A Frozen Puddle In My Backyard Looks Like A Landscape From The Perspective Of A Plane
My Friend’s Cow Looks Like Outer Space
This Bale Of Hay Looks Like A Hole In The Ground
At The Time Of Washing He Looks Like A Polar Bear
Photo I Took Of A Lake Through The Lense Of Binoculars Looks Like A Planet
The Pocket Inside This Tent Looks Like The Gmail Icon
This Cloud That Looks Like A Tornado
The Corrosion On This Water Tap Looks Like A Map
The View From My House Looks Like A Painting
This Coffee Is Sprouting Its Own Tree.
This Bruise I Once Had Looked Like A Galaxy
My Amputated Leg Looks Like A Butt
This Tinned Peach Half In Syrup Looks Like A Massive Cracked Egg
The Snow On Top Of This Mountain That Looks Like A Lizard
The Shade Reveals This Dog For What It Loves The Most — Man.
The Inside Of This Tomato Looks Like A Strawberry
This Cloud That Looks Like A Feather
Processing Blood Oranges Looks Like A B Horror Movie Prop
This Rock Looks Like A Iguana Head
This Frozen Mountain Range On My Girlfriend’s Car
When Your Travel Pillow Makes You Look Like Shakespeare
This Picture That I Took Mid Firework Show Looks A Lot Like Space
Busses Carrying Pilgrims In Mecca Look Like Cassette Tapes
This Ice Looks Like An Eye
Thought This Snowbank Looked Like A Mountain Range (I Photoshopped The Background In The Second Picture To Prove It)
My Mom Found A Flamingo In Her Bell Pepper
Inside Of A Cheese Grater Look Like The Backdrop To A P Diddy Music Video
Peg Legs?
This Diseased Walnut Looks Like A Mini Planet
Took A Photo Of My Parents Dog, She Looks Like A Wall Mount
The Table Cloth Makes It Look Like A Giant Bottle Top
The Moss On My Pond Looks Like An Aerial Picture
The Morning Rain Makes It Seem As Though The Guy In This Ad Is Sweating Profusely
This Piece Of Cheese That Looks Like Marble
This Spider Looks Like An Angry Mileena From Mortal Kombat Standing In The Driveway
My Finished Cup Of Coffee Looks Like The Moon
This Tree Looks Like A Man Waiting To Cross The Road
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