Hillary Clinton Makes Ridiculous Demand to NASA After First All-Female Spacewalk Is Canceled

Hillary Clinton wants her all-female spacewalk, even if that’s as impossible as her assuming the presidency tomorrow.
Let me explain: NASA was supposed to make history when two women did a spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Friday. Because of practical concerns regarding the spacesuits, however, that had to be changed.
“NASA astronaut Anne McClain had trained in both medium- and large-sized upper torsos — what NASA calls ‘the shirt of the spacesuit,'” NPR reported.
“But last week, she wore a medium on her first spacewalk, where she helped swap out aging batteries that store energy collected by the station’s solar panels.
“‘Based (on) her experience in the first spacewalk in the series, McClain determined that although she has trained in both medium and large torsos, the medium, which she wore last Friday during the spacewalk, was a better fit for her in space,’ NASA spokeswoman Stephanie Schierholz told NPR in an email.
“Two mediums existed on the ISS, but only one was prepped for a spacewalk. Instead of devoting extensive crew time to make the extra medium-sized suit space-worthy by Friday, NASA decided to restaff: Nick Hague will go in McClain’s place and do the walk with Christina Koch.”
This was the U.K. Guardian’s treatment of the story on Twitter:

This led to Hillary Clinton tweeting a barbed reply:

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