Elizabeth Warren’s pushing for congressional panel of experts to have that ‘full-blown conversation’ about reparations

 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren said a lot of crazy things during her town hall on CNN Monday night, as well as made some questionable hand gestures. But it was a town hall and she had to answer (or pivot away from) the questions she got, and when she was asked about reparations, she seemed all for it and thought there were a lot of ways to pay for it — but most importantly, the country had to have a national conversation.
She’s doubling down on that surprise campaign issue, and this national conversation we’re going to have about reparations? It has to be a full-blown conversation, with a congressional panel heading it up.
Slavery is a stain on America & we need to address it head on. I believe it’s time to start a national, full-blown conversation about reparations. I support the bill in the House to support a congressional panel of experts so that our nation can do what’s right & begin to heal.

It’s not surprising Warren is so concerned with slavery considering what her own ancestors endured at the hands of the white invaders.
So the timeline is to convene a congressional panel of “experts,” have a full-blown conversation about reparations, and then do what we can to begin to heal.
So the non-guilty can be forced to pay the non-injured, generations later? And how will that help anything?

Reparations are the wrong way to go. No one alive today are direct victims of slavery. The only thing reparations will do is add resentment and cost money. We need true reform to help all underprivileged, not just descendents of slaves.

Not a single person alive was a slave or slave owner. Punishing groups for a crime they did not not commit is playing identity politics for attention and your selfish power gain. You are creating further division.

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Now this I can not agree upon. None of my ancestors owned slaves. So because I'm white, I'm expected to make reparations towards something my family had nothing to do with? Most Americans have the same history as mine. Slavery is in the past. We need to move on.

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My ancestors came to this country four generations ago. Neither I nor any of my relatives or ancestors were slaves or slave owners. Why are we either liable for the payment or acceptance of 'reparations'?

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What are the basic logistics of this plan? Help me understand why my tax dollars should pay for sins committed 350-130 years before I was born, how much I will pay, who it will be paid to, why they deserve to be paid, and the goal this aims to achieve. Bumper sticker politics...

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Man thats the most pandering pander I've ever seen. "Ill get you free money if you vote for me" LOL. This is the equivalent of those pop up ads saying you won a free cruise or $200 amazon gift card

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I’m not gonna speak for my fellow Black Americans but as for me I don’t want reparations. I want an end to racism so my kids will grow as equals without fear and without being judged.

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Socialism is today’s slavery. I agree, we need to address it now before it enslaves is all.

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If Democrats promote this, they will lose the presidential election.

If Elizabeth Warren is the nominee, Democrats will lose the presidential election regardless.
Two of my children are adopted from Africa, so I’ll just cover their reparations & we’ll call it ‘good’ if that’s ok w you, Liz. 👍
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When you can find a “panel of experts” , which are all former slaves during that time period in America, count me in.
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“Congressional panel of experts”......... as if such a thing can possibly ever exist.
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Everything gets solved once Congress gets involved. A panel of experts makes it even better.

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