How about NO? Brian Schatz (For Brains) trying to con ‘McCain Republicans’ into voting for Democrats is ALL FAIL

Just because some Republicans might be angry with Trump for how he’s been behaving and talking about Senator John McCain that doesn’t mean they’ve completely lost their minds and will vote for the party that wants to do away with the Electoral College, trample the Second, open the borders, and tax the ever-loving crap out of Americans. Yeah, we get it, Democrats will pander for votes at any cost but this was pretty shameless even for them.
I just want to offer a sincere, no snark invitation to all the McCain republicans to come over and vote with us for 2020 and I promise we can go back to fighting about normal stuff once we’ve stabilized our republic.

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Really dude? Yeah, thanks but no thanks, Brian.
Seriously, THIS is why we call him ‘Shatz-For-Brains’.
Then again, he did admit we’re a Republic which is unheard of from a Democrat.

"stabilize our republic" he said unironically while busily undermining the foundations of SCOTUS, the EC, and any other temporarily inconvenient norms he sees.

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The Democratic platform is troubling at best, literally damaging to this country at worst.
Besides, Democrats don’t Republicans voting with them anyway.
Wake up, man! You’re like an abused spouse. The GOP has shown you who they are and yet you keep going back, hoping they’ll be true, this time. They are opposed to democracy and equal rights. They are the party of bigotry and patriarchal white supremacy.
Stop legitimizing that!
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Stop legitimizing low taxes, Americans going back to work, and a thriving economy, you monster!
They do realize Obama started the cage thing, right?
You know what, never mind.
No borders, no Electoral College, infanticide, and more than 9 judges in the Supreme Court. Just because Trump doesn't like John McCain. NO THANK YOU.
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Thank you NEXT.
Let us know when you call for the end of an extreme turn left your party is making.

- Packing the courts
- Eliminating the 2 senator/state system
- Abortion on demand up to birth
- Eliminating private health insurance
- Reparations

The list goes on and on. So yea, no thanks.
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Hard pass.

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