Soooo, you’re saying it IS a crisis: AOC just accidentally admitted Trump is right, there IS a National Emergency at the border

It’s about time someone on the Left admitted there is indeed a National Emergency at the southern border and that Trump is RIGHT.
Gosh, who’da thought the support would accidentally come from our favorite Democratic Socialist (or is that Socialist Democrat?), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
No, when we look at this photo we see the failed policies of a bunch legislators who refuse to take action and protect the sovereignty of this nation which is why Trump had to declare a National Emergency along the border. And what the Hell does AOC mean by #BackersOfHate? Really?
Of course, her bright idea to stop this mess is to abolish ICE.
Wonder if Senator Mike Lee is available to make a few more posters and explain to her how this is supposed to work?

My family asked permission to live in this country - and waited its turn. We didn't just *show up* and start making *demands.*

Don't give us "mirror"!

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So what you're saying is that there is a national emergency at the southern border...

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Everybody needs to be vetted and pass through. Only so many immigration control staff. What do you propose, just let people in unchecked?

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Hard to blame Americans who are tired of footing the bill.
So we just let anyone and everyone march right in without any questions or documentation? I’m glad they are coming and looking for a better life. Why not get documented though? Americans get documented at birth.
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I cant stand your “I am holier than thou attitude”. My Mexican wife did the right thing applying for a Fiance Visa. And everything was backlogged, because ICE is too busy dealing with people who DONT follow our laws. You should not tolerate law breaking to enter our country.
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AOC what are they supposed to do? Send them back? They need to put people somewhere
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Or something.
What do you propose? We just let them in by the hundreds? Wait a minite, of course you do, those are your voters.
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There it is.
I cannot and will not accept it either. They should come in LEGALLY instead of trying to game the system. What makes these people more important than the ones who are doing it the right way?
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Build the wall.

This ain’t rocket science.
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