S. American Illegal Arrested After 13-Year-Old Girl Riding Bike to School Hit, Killed

An illegal immigrant from Argentina without a valid driver’s license killed a 13-year-old girl who was riding her bike to school in Kissimmee, Florida.
The 25-year-old illegal immigrant, Micaela Coronel, is being charged with a third-degree felony after fatally hitting Mariana Perez Borroto on Wednesday, according to WKMG-TV.
The crash left the 8th grader critically injured, and she was sent to the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando, where the victim passed away.
“Investigators said she doesn’t have a Florida driver’s license. Authorities said she does not have a valid driver’s license at all,” WKMG-TV reported.
“This suspect should not have even been behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is an awful, senseless tragedy that should never have occurred. This beautiful child should be turning 14 years old in just two weeks, but for this suspect’s illegal actions. Mariana’s family and friends are in our prayers,” Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement.
Coronel shouldn’t have been behind the wheel, and she shouldn’t have been in the country at all because her work visa was expired, according to WFLA-TV.
On Thursday, Judd said that Coronel would face a maximum of five years in prison and ICE would begin deportation proceedings after her sentence is finished, WTSP-TV reported.
This senseless tragedy could have been avoided if Coronel had returned home to Argentina after her visa expired.
Illegal immigrants are unable to obtain valid driver’s licenses in most states, and they could potentially drive vehicles without proper training.
Illegal immigrants might also be tempted to commit fraud to obtain driver’s licenses, take American jobs, and illegally vote for Democrats in American elections.
America doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) accept illegal immigrants — American lives are being lost because lawmakers, especially Democrats, refuse to make serious efforts to stop the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border every day.
Of course, ending illegal immigration won’t stop violence and tragedies in America, but it will certainly reduce the problem.
If the countless slayings by illegal immigrants were instead caused by a chemical in food products, Americans would quickly rally behind efforts to ban the chemical. Why is illegal immigration not treated with the same urgency?
It’s time to stop these senseless tragedies by putting an end to illegal immigration.
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