Left-wing actress blasts 'complicity' of 'white women' who helped usher in 'awful' Alabama abortion law

White men in the Alabama Senate have caught their share of ire for passing the state's controversial bill outlawing most abortions.

Co-host Joy Behar of "The View" went so far as to suggest that the 25 male senators who voted for the bill should be sterilized in order to "solve" the abortion issue.
But actress Anne Hathaway has gotten into the battle and called out two Alabama white women who helped make the measure a reality: Rep. Terri Collins, who sponsored the bill in the state house, and Gov. Kay Ivey, who signed the bill into law last week. Both women also are Republicans.

"Yes the anti-abortion movement is primarily about controlling women's bodies under the premise (for many, sincere) of saving lives, and yes this law is primarily the work of white men HOWEVER a white woman sponsored the bill and a white woman signed it into law," Hathaway posted Friday on Instagram.

She added: "As we're resisting, let us also call out the complicity of the white women who made this awful moment possible, and which — make no mistake — WILL lead to the unnecessary and avoidable deaths of women, a disproportionate number of whom will be poor and/or black. Speak up. Show up. Don't give up."

How did people react?

Hathaway's post — which has attracted over 432,000 likes as of Tuesday afternoon — certainly garnered kudos.

"Thank u for using your platform to stand up for women's rights!!" one person wrote, while another said, "You're doing amazing Anne. Thank you for acknowledging and supporting people in poverty and WOC who will be affected hugely because of this."
But not everyone sang Hathaway's praises.

A self-professed "pro-choice" commenter replied, "I don't see what being a white person has to do with being pro-life. And according to polling data on Gallup, it seems gender is also unrelated to abortion position."

Others called out the actress for hypocrisy and race baiting:

  • "Sooo, these are racist laws because it may have more of an impact in the black community. Actually, it would result in more black babies being born. In other words, it would increase the black population. That's racist? This is where liberals get it wrong by assigning an 'ism' to every single issue."
  • "How about instead of being an ignorant race baiter, you use your platform to encourage women to learn about the 15+ types of birth control that are available, even for low or no cost at planned parenthood facilities. Birth control is very effective when use correctly and consistently. There is also keeping your damn legs closed if you don't want kids. You and your fellow leftist Hollyweirdos sound so uneducated."
  • "There are rich and poor people of every race. There are *gasp* even poor white people ... Anne, you are wealthy, privileged, and white. If you are so concerned about poor minorities not having access to abortions, why don't you pay for them? Didn't think so."
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