Meet Obama-Appointed Judge Dolly M. Gee – The Woman Responsible for the One Million Illegals Storming the Border This Year

In March 103,000 illegal aliens flowed across the US southern border. It set a 12 year record for monthly crossings.

Over one million illegals are expected to flood into the United States this year.

Crossings by “families” hit a record high. More than 53,000 of the 103,000 were in family units.
America can thank Obama-appointed Judge Dolly M. Gee for this historic crisis at the southern border.
Back in July 2018 Judge Dolly M. Gee ruled that illegal alien children could not be held by the government for longer than 20 days.
Judge Dolly Gee makes the laws in this country.
Since then the word spread that if you cross the US border with children you are here to stay.
And this year the US is expecting ONE MILLION illegals crossing the US southern border – many with children.
Of course, no country can survive with such a consistent influx of unskilled and government dependent foreigners.
Dolly Gee doesn’t care. She makes the rules around here.
Thank you Madam President Gee for screwing the American people.
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