Man Wearing Crucifix Stabbed in Throat by Moroccan National Accused of ‘Religious Hate’

It’s inconceivable that in this day and age, just being a Christian can be enough of a threat to potentially be attacked by those who — for whatever reason — feel threatened by the religion.
That’s reportedly what happened in April when an illegal Moroccan migrant was arrested after stabbing an Italian Catholic man from Georgia at Rome’s Termini train station.
The victim was wearing a crucifix necklace, which allegedly triggered a brutal stabbing attack, according to Breitbart.
The argument between the two men took place on a bus at the train station. Witnesses reported that the Moroccan man entered a heated argument with the victim before assaulting him with a knife.
“Everything took place in a few moments,” a witness said. 
“The Georgian got off the bus and was heading towards the metro station in Piazza dei Cinquecento on the Via Giolitti side when the Moroccan joined him and attacked him.”
Morocco, according to CBS News, contains the world’s sixth-largest Muslim population per capita, with 99 percent of its residents claiming the religion.
While the attacker’s religion wasn’t confirmed, it’s not a stretch to entertain the idea that he was likely a Christian and statistically speaking was probably of the Muslim faith. There’s nothing wrong with that, as everyone is free to choose and practice whatever religion he or she prefers.
However, the attacker was arrested and charged with attempted murder “religiously motivated hatred,” which points in the direction of Jihadi criminal activity. There’s definitely something wrong with that. 
Attacking an innocent person because of his or her religion is not acceptable.
That would be in line with radical Islam.
The attack is a sad reminder of the growing number of assaults on Christians worldwide, and especially in Europe due in part to the increase in Muslim immigrants.
According to ANSA, Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini called for increased security following the attack.
He went as far as reaching out to local police chiefs, instructing them to “increase checks and attention in places of aggregation of Islamic citizens in order to prevent any type of violence against innocent citizens.” 
Of course, a majority of Muslims are peaceful people, but the radical element of that religion is a virus that needs to be contained. Apparently, nobody has the answer to that yet.
Leader of the conservative-populist Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, used the attack to publicly harden her stance via social media on halting all illegal Muslim immigration until there’s a solution to fix that problem.
“If Muslims think of bringing the holy war into our house, it is time to take drastic measures: it remains only to block any kind of Islamic immigration until these ideas are clarified,” Meloni said.
She doubled down, saying that she intends on protecting Christianity within the borders of her country from the increase in “Islamization” of the region.
“We intend to defend our classical and Christian roots from the process of Islamization of Europe,” she said.
Controlling and fixing the illegal immigration of migrants from majority-Muslim countries into Europe is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t appear that everyone is on board with that yet.
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