Trump Blasts Dems: Mexico Doing More for Americans Than Dems When It Comes to the Border

In one simple phrase, President Donald Trump just showed America what’s at the heart of the immigration debate.
The most glaring obstacle, you see, is Democrats’ refusal to discuss any reasonable efforts at enacting border reform, combined with their tendency to mock all attempts to do so with buzzwords like “racism,” “bigotry” and “xenophobia.”
Conservatives cannot discuss illegal immigration’s impact on crime, drugs, human trafficking or sustainability of resources without the left resorting to name-calling while wallowing in their solutionless cesspool of hypocritical identity politics.
Since Democrats have been no help, Trump turned to Mexico.
And after the president threatened to implement a blanket 5 percent tariff on their goods, Mexico pledged to send 6,000 troops to secure the Mexico-Guatemala border, as the New York Post noted.

Mexico also agreed to more forcefully fight human trafficking, as well as allow more asylum seekers to remain in Mexico.
There is some debate at to whether Mexico had already made these pledges before Trump threatened tariffs, though Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan has rejected that premise.
“It is very different. The president put a charge in this whole dialogue with Mexico with the tariff threat — brought them to the table,” McAleenan said Sunday on Fox News. “This is the first time we’ve heard anything like this kind of number of law enforcement being deployed in Mexico to address migration.”
These substantial concessions put Democrats in an unenviable position, as Trump pointed out in a tweet Tuesday morning.
Sad when you think about it, but Mexico right now is doing more for the United States at the Border than the Democrats in Congress! @foxandfriends
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“Sad when you think about it, but Mexico right now is doing more for the United States at the Border than the Democrats in Congress!” Trump tweeted.
And he’s right.
Democrats have stonewalled every measure meant to ensure meaningful border reform.
They have denied that the massive influx of illegal immigrants poses a national security crisis just to avoid dealing with the issue.

Of course, Democrats admitted there was a humanitarian crisis when they thought they could spin it to reflect negatively on Trump.
Democrats want to leave the water running, but complain that the sink is full.
They are playing politics with the resources and safety of our nation.
Mexico is outdoing the Democratic Party when it comes to actual steps taken and rational engagement with the issue.
Shame on Democrats for their hypocrisy and political games.

And kudos to Trump for pointing it all out.
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