Antifa Doofus Tries to Burn American Flag in DC, Gives Up When He Can’t Figure Out How to Light Matches

An Antifa protester in DC experimented with to light-fat the American flag on fire on Saturday, but gave up when they could not figure out out how to use the matches.

The extreme drastically-nevertheless left demonstrators had been in the town to whine about the Wish Entirely free of charge Speech rally at present becoming held by supporters of President Donald Trump who ended up protesting in opposition to Enormous Tech censorship. Speakers integrated Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes and congressional applicant/YouTuber Joey Saldino.
The black clad activist, with a t-shirt wrapped all over his head, fiddled with the matches for near to 30 seconds prior to understanding that his endeavor to be edgy knowledgeable unsuccessful.
causing even more destruction. Why would they destroy their own city?
Antifa member trying to burn a flag but doesn’t know how to use matches haha this is what we’re up against
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Failed flag-burner was not the only Antifa member staying mocked on the world-wide-web for the duration of the occasion.

There had been becoming also creepy drag clowns and a different member of Antifa did their best Bane perception although pointlessly placing on a gasoline mask devoid of possessing any filters on it, rendering it wholly worthless.
Antifa showed up wearing gas masks because even Antifa doesn’t want to smell Antifa
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A mob of white Antifa consumers also harassed a black Trump supporter and stole the MAGA hat off an Asian gentleman.
Antifa tried to rush to the rally side but were pushed back by police.
Scuffle breaks out after an antifa member steals a MAGA hat from a Asian Trump supporter.
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The cosplaying activists did not quit the Wish No expense Speech rally from employing place, alternatively having to pay out most of their day harassing random travellers and failing to split by way of police lines.
The past couple of minutes have consisted of tourists wearing MAGA hats stopping to ask what's going on and immediately an angry crowd surrounds them and police swoop in to escort them away.
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Antifa protesters trying to break through the police cordon

Antifa - 0
Police - 1 ๐Ÿ’ช
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