AOC’s super-annoyed with GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy for referring to her by this highly disrespectful nickname

Wow, can you believe that GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy? Just look at the disparaging nickname he’s been using for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:
At least Ocasio-Cortez is dealing with it like a champ. She’s taking the high road with witty snark:
Yeah, obviously McCarthy is incapable of saying “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” He is a dumb Republican, after all.
*When you're more than 10 years into your job but a 7-months-in-the-job rookie refers to you as 'that one guy'*

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Or maybe, just maybe, he’s calling her AOC because that’s how she’s branded herself.
You’re on record saying it’s ok to call you “AOC.” Your own staff uses this moniker. What changed?

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Does your own chief of staff not know how to say your name? From the Washington Post this month:

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"The congresswoman does not have any issues with that, though, telling people on Twitter that she's not just Cortez; she's Ocasio-Cortez, or they can just call her AOC." 
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She has literally told people to call her “AOC.” If anything, McCarthy’s just respecting her wishes.
It’s something, all right.

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