Give up? NEVER! Rob Reiner still has enough strength to keep moving the goalposts on Trump impeachment

In spite of repeated letdowns, the leader of the Hollywood chapter of the Resistance has gone from pinning his Trump impeachment hopes on Mueller, to pinning them on Rep. Jerrold Nadler:
Don’t want to get too “over my skis” as they say, but by filing a request for Grand Jury testimony, Chairman Nadler, for all intents & purposes, has begun the Impeachment process. So grateful to him & Speaker Pelosi. Good luck to The Lying Criminal.

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Reiner’s been over his skis for the past almost three years and just now he’s concerned about doing that?

He’s so far over his skis that they’re not even visible anymore.
Ummm - don't want to ruin your day, but Grand Jury records are sealed and they won't be released regardless of who requests them without a fight.
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Reiner’s got his preferred narrative and he’s going to stick to it — until he’s forced to move the goalposts again.
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