Police: Man admits to raping 8-year-old girl, hitting her with shovel

A Louisville man is in police custody, after they say he admitted to raping and gravely injuring an eight-year-old girl.
According to an arrest slip, police responded to the call of a child hit in the head with a shovel, who’d also been robbed of her iPad, on Friday afternoon.
Once on scene, crews found a young girl who was taken to Norton Children’s Hospital. Doctors shortly discovered she had a right skull fracture, multiple cuts and contusions to the head.
Doctors later found evidence to suggest she’d been the victim of rape.
Police say Cane Madden was in the area of the original report, and admitted to having knowledge of the assault when police stopped him.
Madden allegedly agreed to be transported to a police station, where he admitted to hitting the girl with his fists and a shovel, and raping her.
He’s charged with rape, assault and robbery.
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