British vegan activist is covered in blood when 'Spanish farmers chase her down a motorway and shoot through her car window after she freed 14 of their rabbits'

A British vegan activist was left covered in blood after farmers shot her through a car window for 'rescuing' 14 rabbits in Spain, she claims. 
Barcelona-based activist Mia, who goes by the Instagram name 'Mythical Mia', posted video on her social media showing blood on her face and legs. 
She told her more than 40,000 followers how she entered a rabbit farm in Gurb, Osona, and 'rescued' the animals. However some have condemned her actions calling her a 'thief' and branding her an 'idiot'.

Mia claimed to have 'rescued 16 lives' despite Catalonia police stating 14 rabbits were taken from the farm yet could not be found. 
Catalonia police said the window is likely to have been struck by a 'forceful object' due to the impact of the glass rather than a shot from a shotgun. 
The activist described how the farmer was 'extremely aggressive' and resorted to 'strangling activists and smashing their heads with metal poles' following the incident. 
A total of 15 activists from nationalities including Spanish, Turkish, French, Belgian
After the activists were asked to leave peacefully by police, Mia said they were chased by farmers who drove at up to 124mph down a motorway. 
Mia said: 'We tried to lose them down a side road but they were on our tails. They blocked us into a dead end and surround the car with five other farmers’ cars.'
Another video shows a confrontation between one of the farmers and the vegan activists including Mia. 
The footage captures a man in a green t-shirt confronting an activist, before he locks himself in a white van.  
'They were banging on the windows, shouting and threatening us. We called the police who arrived after an hour.' 
The activists were escorted to a 'safe place' by police but they refused to take the protesters home after claiming they would be 'okay'.
Ten minutes after the police left, a car pulled up by the side of the activists and farmers shot at them through the window., she claimed.
Mia said: 'The window exploded in my face and there was a lot of blood from all the glass. We’re currently at the hospital and waiting to go to the police station to report this crime.'
However some Instagram users were quick to condemn her actions and commented on the footage. 
One user said: 'Shooting is criminal offense while trespassing, destructing and stealing someone's property isn't.. What kind of logic is that?
Another commented: 'That's what you get for being a thief.' 
She added: 'The most important thing is that the non-human animals are safe.' 
'They are far from that hell hole. I don’t want this to be about me at all, I just want people to know how evil farmers are. If this is how they treat humans, how can we expect them to care for animals?' 
The fundraiser said: 'Despite everything, I am just happy that those 16 lives are free from harm. They make everything worth it.' 
Mia has previously made a speech at the Official Animal Rights March London in August, which she described on Instagram as 'by far the most nerve-racking thing I have ever done.'   
A spokeswoman for Catalonia police, Mossos d'Esquadra, said: 'On Sunday, September 1 at 7.30pm, a group of activists entered a farm in Gurb, Osona, and took 14 rabbits.
'When Mossos d'Esquadra arrived at the site, the activists were outside. The 14 rabbits have not been found.'
She added: 'There were some farmers at the scene and there was tension between the two groups.
'Mossos separated them and escorted them from the premises to avoid further conflict.
'Just before 11pm, we were informed that one of the windows of an activist’s car had suffered an impact - and that a girl had injuries to her face as a result of the broken glass.
'The window was most likely struck by a “forceful object”, due to the nature of the impact, rather than a shot from a shotgun.’
The investigation is ongoing.  

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