US woman, 44, 'bought six-day-old Filipino baby boy online from his 18-year-old mother - then tried to smuggle him out of Manila in her hand-luggage'

A Utah woman who allegedly purchased a newborn from a teen mom in the Philippines and later tried to smuggle him out of the country in her hand luggage was paraded on national TV Thursday, as prosecutors announced human trafficking charges against her.
Jennifer Erin Talbot, 42, is said to have arranged to adopt the six-day-old baby from the young mother who she first met online, then attempted to fly home with the boy to the US but was caught by authorities at a Manila airport.
Talbot, who is married with 'five special children' in Sandy, was able to pass through the airport’s immigration counter on Wednesday without declaring the child was with her, however she was intercepted at the gate by Delta Airlines personnel. 
Clad in an orange detainee shirt and handcuffs, Talbot was presented to reporters in Manila on Thursday, as officials from the National Bureau of investigation charged her with human trafficking. 

In addition, officials announced she will also be tried for child abuse and kidnapping with serious illegal detention, officials said. 
Talbot her head low and appeared at times to be on the verge of tears throughout the parade and subsequent press conference. She didn't break her silence to issue any statement. 
The investigation bureau said Talbot presented an affidavit at the airport, allegedly from the baby’s mother, Maricris Cempron Dulap, giving consent for the baby to travel to the US, but it had not been signed by Dulap.
Officials said no government travel approval had been issued for the baby, prompting them to file human trafficking charges against Talbot.
She also allegedly told officials she was the boy's aunt, but failed to provide any documents to substantiate the claim. 
Investigators are yet to determine whether any money exchanged hands between Talbot and Dulap, but say they're continuing to investigate the alleged deal. 
US Embassy officials have been notified of her arrest, and she faces life in prison if found guilty.  
'She just wanted to give the baby a name and church blessing,' NBI-International Airport Investigation Unit (NBI-IAIU) chief Manuel Dimaano told reporters on Thursday. 
Talbot, who was born in Ohio, has no previous criminal history in the US. She told officers she is married with 'five special children', though its unclear if they're all biological or not. 
Dulap and the baby's father, believed to be based in Davao City, have also been charged with child abuse but remain at large. 
Talbot has been married three times, and currently lives with her husband Lawrence, 58, in Sandy, Utah.
She has previously lived in Virginia, Florida and Ohio, and currently works at the ZCMI Center Mall in Salt Lake County. 
She had two children with her first husband, Craig Holder, one of which became center to a paternity suit in 2008. 
The University of Utah graduate later married attorney David Pace, who represented her, but they split the same year the suit was filed.
Talbot was about to board a Delta Air Lines flight to the United States with the baby at Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Wednesday when she was halted and subjected to a bag search, officials said. 
After discovering the baby in her 'over-sized belt bag', airline staff called immigration personnel, who arrested Talbot at the airport. 
'There was really an intention to hide the baby,' immigration official Grifton Medina said by telephone. 
Talbot was later turned over to the National Bureau of Investigation and the baby was given to government welfare personnel.
Investigators reportedly later discovered that Dulap first made contact with Talbot online, where they negotiated the adoption of her then unborn child.  
Talbot then flew from the US to meet Dulap in person at her Davao City home last month, where she stayed with her until she gave birth. 
The suspect then apparently caught one flight from Davao to Manila with the boy, without alerting security, before being caught at terminal 3 of Manila airport, at around 6:20am. 
Officials said the newborn had been hidden in a large bag and 'was not declared nor presented to the immigration inspector during departure formalities.'
The boy is said to be in 'good health', however, as he remains in hospital under the watch of the the Department of Social Welfare and Development while investigations are on-going.
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