Make it STOP: Hillary tries to be funny in response to Cory Booker’s Tulsi Gabbard tweet and sweet baby JEEBUS the cringe

We’re not entirely sure why Hillary Clinton is doing her best to remind everyone how absolutely awful and unlikeable she really is, but the ridiculous bit of conspiracy she dropped about Tulsi Gabbard being a Russian asset was especially awful. It was even worse than when she called half the country ‘deplorables’ … and she wonders why she lost that election.
Even Cory Booker seemed uncomfortable with Hillary’s accusation.
Gotta give Spartacus some credit here, this tweet did make this editor laugh.
It looks to us like he’s ‘shocked’ by her statement or at least uncomfortable, but Hillary seems to think it was a positive response because she tweeted this:
She’s giffing herself.
Which sounds dirty.
But it’s true.
And WTF with the shimmy? Yuck.
True story.
Remember that time you neglected Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin and you got beat by one of the most unpopular Republicans of all time?
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That. ^
We know we shouldn’t laugh at this, but we did.
Really hard.
My God, take the L and move on already. You lost.

But if you wanna get back in and try for a third time, by all means.
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