Carter Page Lashes Out at Crooked FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith and Deep State for Far Left Media Leaks that Put His Life in Danger (VIDEO)

Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to testify on December 11th in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the legitimacy of the Obama FBI junk investigations into alleged links to Russia by Trump and some of his campaign advisers. 
Carter Page, a one-time foreign policy adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign, who was targeted by the Obama FBI fired off a letter this week demanding he be given the opportunity to defend himself during this process.
Page recently sued the Justice Department, accusing it of violating his privacy by failing to give him an opportunity to examine the report before publication.
Carter Page is threatening another lawsuit if he is not allowed to participate in the proceedings.
Included in his letter: To this day, the DNC, the media and other Democrats have successfully perpetrated a fraud to destroy Donald Trump – first as a candidate, then as President-elect and now throughout his first term of his Administration. My good name was used as part of that process from the very beginning in 2016, while I have remained all but completely blocked from defending myself. If I am not finally allowed my lawful right of self-defense with respect to the OIG report, I intend to take court action to remedy these unfair proceedings next month. 

On Friday night Carter Page went on with Gregg Jarrett to discuss the release of the IG Report. Page said he was not planning on delaying the release of the report.
Carter Page also discussed how he alerted the deep state FBI that he was receiving death threats due to their untruthful leaks to the liberal fake news media. But when he complained to FBI Attorney Clinesmith the leaks continued and the threats worsened.

This is our US intelligence services at work.
Gregg Jarrett: Carter Page, if there is not a criminal referral against the people like Comey and Sally Yates and Andrew McCabe for lying to the FISA Court how disappointed will you be? Will that deter you in any future lawsuit against them?
Carter Page: I’m very much in wait-and-see mode Gregg. Again we’ve had very little information. All I get is what’s leaked to the New York Times and other questionable media outlets. So, big questions. All I know is, Mr. Clinesmith for example, I reported to him the death threats I was getting based on these false stories in April 2017. And not only did he do nothing but they had more leaks and more subsequent terror threats which was pushed by the deep state and their Democrat colleagues.
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