SEASON’S BEATINGS: Vicious Black Friday Fight Outside Forever 21 – Woman’s Wig Goes Flying! (VIDEOS)

Black Friday was full of brawls, beatings and flying wigs. 
Black Friday, a day where Americans beat each other up for discounted items (mostly made in China) just one day after gathering with their families for Thanksgiving.
A girl tweeted out videos of a woman’s wig being tossed around after 2 girls reportedly got into a fight near an H&M on the third floor of Tyson’s Corner Mall in Fairfax, Virginia.
A woman’s wig was thrown from the third floor down to the first floor.
According to a witness, the wig made it back up to the second floor when it was confiscated by security.

Two men were recorded punching each other in front of a Forever 21 at the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.


Every year, Black Friday brawls are recorded and posted on social media.
One of last year’s best videos was of two women in hijabs fighting over a vacuum cleaner at Walmart. 
Black Friday brawls have spread across the globe.
Fights, stampedes and gun scares were documented in Brazil and even South Africa this year.
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