Rashida Tlaib Sends Hanukkah Greetings–With Anti-Israel Message

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) recently sent a videotaped Hanukkah greeting to members of a far left anti-Israel group, If Not Now, calling for defunding the “occupation in Palastine”, i.e. cutting off U.S. funding for Israel. 
The video was filmed in Tlaib’s Congressional office in D.C. and closes with a slide featuring the Congresssional Seal.
“…Your 2020 platform calling for every public official to commit to defunding the occupation in Palastine and fighting anti-Semitism and white nationalism is one that I can support very strongly.”
One keen eyed observer notes Tlaib chose as her background a photo of the Dome of the Rock, a Mosque built on the the site of the Jewish Temple. 

Another noted Tlaib might not be clear on what Hanukkah actually celebrates. 
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