Iranian Regime Begins Blocking Internet Where Students are Protesting — And Shooting into Crowds at Anti-Khamenei Demonstrations

Videos coming from Iran Sunday night local time show the Iranian government attacking anti-regime protesters in Tehran. 
One set of videos shows a massive trail of blood on a sidewalk as protesters tended to a woman apparently gravely wounded by a shot to the head reportedly fired by a Basij gunman seen wielding a rifle.
Other videos show police beating protesters with nightsticks and firing tear gas and rubber bullets. One video has the sound of repeated bursts of gunfire. There is an unconfirmed report of a shooting of a boy among protesters who were trapped in a subway by police. Most of the videos were reportedly taken at or near Tehran’s Azadi Square. 

The cowardly regime is using brute force, guns and death to silence the brave student protesters.

And now the regime is blocking the internet on college campuses.
The evil regime is afraid. 

And Nancy Pelosi can’t decide who to support here!
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