Video: Schiff Blocks Reporters From Questioning Nadler About His Meltdown in the Senate Last Night

At a press conference held before the start of Wednesday’s impeachment trial session in the Senate, lead House Manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) blocked reporters from asking questions of deputy Manager Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) about Nadler’s late night tirade where he all but accused Republican senators of treason for voting down Democrat trial rules motions.
Nadler’s meltdown and a harsh rebuke of him by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone prompted an admonishment from Chief Justice John Roberts to both sides to behave themselves.
CNN’s Manu Raju asked Nadler a question, “Mr. Nadler, Mr. Nadler, Republicans have been going after you…”
Schiff interjected, “I’m gonna respond to the questions.”
Raju started to repeat his question, “Ok, well, Mr. Nadler has been criticized by Republicans…” but Schiff had blown him off and signaled another reporter to ask a question, which she did.
Raju tweeted about the incident, “First tried to ask Jerry Nadler about his comments last night accusing GOP of a coverup, which Senate Rs have been criticizing all morning. Schiff then stepped in and said he would answer all questions at the brief presser, then didn’t take that question.”
Earlier Raju noted GOP outrage at Nadler, “GOP this morning going hard after Nadler who accused senators last night of engaging in a coverup. They are arguing it undercuts the House Dem case. “It was so insulting and outrageous it was a shock to all of us,” Cornyn said to @alizaslav” 
“Asked Senate Majority Whip John Thune about Ds, and he said Nadler was “especially partisan” last night and that is “not helpful to their cause,” saying Rs “believe it was a partisan process coming out of the House and I think the tone yesterday in many respects reinforces that” 
Bloomberg reporter Erik Wasson reported on GOP reaction, using the MSM cliche ‘Republicans seize’, “Republicans today are seizing on Nadler remarks saying GOP senators are engaged in a cover up. Hawley says House severely alienated the jury. Murkowksi says she was offended. Schiff defends Nadler and blames long day” 
Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim and Vox reporter Andrew Prokop observed that Schiff acted contrite when he began his presentation in the Senate Wednesday after noon, “Schiff being extremely deferential to the senators now, after Nadler accused them of a cover-up late in the proceedings last night/early this morning”…”Schiff begins by sucking up to the senators, praising them and thanking them for paying attention yesterday even though things went late…Another semi-apology for Nadler comments, as Schiff says “tempers can fray,” especially “when it comes to this president.” Urges senators to rise above the partisan fray.” 
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