WOW! In His Opening Argument Adam Schiff Plays Joke by Trump at a Rally as Evidence for Impeachment

Adam Schiff went off on a deranged Trump-Russia screed during his opening arguments at the Senate Impeachment Trial. 
Schiff went from lie to conspiracy throughout his more than an hour long opening argument.
It was outrageous and insane!
Schiff opened up calling President Trump a “king” and “cheat” and then moved on to assert that President Trump is a puppet of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.
At one point in his speech Adam Schiff played a joke by Trump at one of his massive rallies as EVIDENCE of wrongdoing!
It was a joke!
Here is President Trump cracking a joke at his rally on Hillary Clinton’s lost emails.
Democrats want to impeach President Trump for cracking a joke!
These people are crazy and a joke themselves!
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