Bloomberg's Super Bowl Ad Draws Forceful Response from NRA: 'Mike, Come and Take It'

Even a multi-billionaire can’t buy honesty – especially if he’s running as a Democrat.
Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, busy trying to buy up the Democratic presidential nomination, splurged a reported $10 million on a one-minute Super Bowl ad that was likely barely seen – or quickly forgotten – by the vast majority of viewers of Sunday night’s extravaganza.
But it was seen in advance by enough Second Amendment supporters for its lies of omission and commission to be brought to light. And as for its basic premise, the National Rifle Association was firing back on social media long before the big game’s politically tinged sex extravaganza started at halftime.
NRA members don't like hypocritical NYC billionaires. You want to know how real Americans feel, Bloomberg? Watch this!

Your $10M ad won't beat the American spirit. You want to take our guns, go ahead and try. We will fight for our freedom.
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The NRA ad feature numerous faces speaking out for the constitutionally guaranteed right of Americans to bear arms. According to Breitbart, the interviews were conducted with NRA members at the Great American Outdoors Show taking place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this week.
Men and women, black and white — they spoke out for their right to self-defense.
“Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved ones,” one black man stated.
“As a mother of 3-year-old little boy, my family means everything to me,” a woman told the camera. “As a woman, I believe the best way to protect myself is with a firearm.”
Another woman put billionaire Bloomberg’s skewed perspectives on the table.
“Think about the women in your life,” she said. “Are you OK with the fact that your policies could leave them defenseless?”
Of course, it’s unlikely that any member of Bloomberg’s family will ever be “defenseless” – unlike an unguarded, non-billionaire woman living a standard American, middle-class life.
The ad ends with a series of participants vowing that they will not allow their Second Amendment rights to be infringed, Bloomberg or no Bloomberg.
One woman’s challenge said it all: “Mike, come and take it.”
And there were plenty of Second Amendment supporters who agreed with those in the video.
NRA members don't like hypocritical NYC billionaires. You want to know how real Americans feel, Bloomberg? Watch this!

Your $10M ad won't beat the American spirit. You want to take our guns, go ahead and try. We will fight for our freedom.
They refuse to take the guns out of the criminals hands but instead they want to take the guns away from law abiding citizens
So all lawful ppl will hand in their but criminals will not turn them in.
We still will have shootings because they will not allow stop & frisk.
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Mike Bloomberg does not represent the millions of law abiding gun owners in this country who want to protect themselves, and if the need arises, protect the lives of others.

His policies and rhetoric will be destructive and irreversible.
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Tell ta what. If you want to lose your rights to free speech, freedom of religion, bearing arms, due process, states independence, representation, and to fave your accuser vote . It’s what they do.
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What might be even worse than the rank hypocrisy of one of the world’s wealthiest men calling for the hoi polloi to be disarmed is the rank dishonesty of his Super Bowl advertisement itself.
While it features the mother of a young man who died in a 2013 shooting, what it does not say is that the young man in question, according to the Houston Chronicle, was very much a participant in the activity that led to his death.
If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the ad here:
The young man’s name was George Harold Kemp, 20, who’d driven to a neighborhood with some companions to challenge a teenager to a fight. When the teen showed up with friends, one of the friends shot Kemp to death.
That isn’t to discount anyone’s death, but engaging in fights is by definition a dangerous activity. Deciding to use a case like that to disarm millions of law-abiding Americans is almost criminally dishonest.
Also, as Tobias Hoonhout noted at National Review, the numbers Bloomberg used in his commercial are hopelessly distorted.
The ad claims that 2,900 children are killed in “gun violence” every year.
Hoonhout pointed out that the number comes from Bloomberg’s own organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, and a report it produced in 2013. The problem is, the Everytown report specifically stated that “2,900 children and teens (aged 0-19) are shot and killed” every year.
Obviously, not everyone “0-19 years old” is a child. If those considered adults by the law are counted separately from toddlers, tweens and young teenagers, it turns out the number of children is about half what Bloomberg’s ad states, according to Hoonhout.
“The same data, when reviewed for the same time-frame while omitting legal adults — 18 and 19 year olds — shows an average of 1,499 annual gun deaths for children, or about 51 percent of the number claimed in Bloomberg’s ad,” Hoonhout wrote.
Everytown's report is about gun violence involving "children & teens" but Bloomberg's ad uses the same stat while referring only to "children."
Everytown used a five year average of gun deaths between 0-19 years of age in the CDC's Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS) to come up with 2,887 gun deaths per year among that age group.
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Again, this isn’t to devalue any human life (something a pro-abortion Bloomberg should know something about), it is just making the point that the only thing Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ad proves is that the former mayor is as big a liar as his fellow contenders in the Democratic field.
Bloomberg’s billions might just buy him the Democratic nomination – they’ve already purchased his spot on the national debate stage, thanks to the well-known perfidy of the Democratic National Committee.
But all the money in the world can’t buy an honest character.

Of course, since Bloomberg’s running as a Democrat, he’s not even in the market for one.
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