Dog Helps Deliver Groceries to Neighbor Who Is at High Risk for Coronavirus

As citizens across America continue to hunker down at home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, some people are not leaving their homes at all, even for necessities.
Renee Hellman lives in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Because she has underlying health issues that make her at high-risk for coronavirus, Hellman has chosen to self-quarantine, KKTV reported.
Thankfully for Hellman, who regularly relies on an oxygen tank to breathe, her neighbor Karen Eveleth is looking out for her well-being.
Eveleth, who has lived in the neighborhood with Hellman for over a decade, has found a fabulously creative way to make sure her at-risk neighbor stays safe during uncertain times.
Eveleth’s happy and obedient golden retriever, Sunny, has stepped in beautifully to deliver groceries to Hellman, ensuring Hellman can continue to remain socially isolated.
Once Hellman writes a grocery list, she hands it to Sunny, who takes it in his mouth back home to his owner.
Eveleth then does the grocery shopping and relies on Sunny to carry the grocery bags straight to Hellman’s doorstep.
“What a wonderful thing, just a sweet thing,” Hellman said, gushing over Sunny’s adorable disposition.
“So he started doing the schlepping, back and forth. It’s been fun, it’s been a real treat.”
Seeing Sunny on a regular basis has helped Hellman feel connected and cared for during an unprecedented time in America.
“Little things like Sunny coming over to visit is nice and it makes you feel good. And it’s a way of communicating,” she said. 
Eveleth is thankful her pup can be of good use, brightening her neighbor’s day.
“Anybody can do something so small, that can be so helpful,” Eveleth said.
The proud dog owner also said that Sunny regularly picks up her mail and has been known to pick up trash during their routine walks around the neighborhood.

The two women have shared their encouraging story in hopes of spreading joy and good news to others.
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