TECH TYRANNY: Twitter Suspends Account and YouTube Removes Video of Biotech Company that Created COVID-19 Treatment Using UV Light in Lungs

This is creepy as hell.
The tech giants are now blocking information that could save lives because it is not approved by the WHO overlords.
And it might make President Trump look good.
On Thursday the Trump administration highlighted potential treatment for the coronavirus by blasting UV light on the lungs.
The liberal media was aghast and mocked him all day Friday.
But this is not an unusual idea and one company AYTU Healight is working on a proposed prototype to treat the coronavirus.
On Saturday YouTube removed the AYTU Healight video on their COVID-19 treatment plan.
Then later tonight Twitter removed the Aytu_Bioscience account.
It was not approved information.
The account was suspended.
Apparently, the far left tech giants are colluding with eachother to ban unapproved information.
This should scare the hell out of every American.
The AYTU Bioscience video is still posted on VIMEO.

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