BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: As Soon As Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos Testified that Joseph Mifsud Worked For the Clinton Foundation, She Was Brutally Targeted and Harassed By the Left

Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos was a young, intelligent and beautiful Italian woman when she met George Papadopoulos in 2016.

Her life was soon turned upside down. The man she loved was targeted by the Deep State and then the FBI had the audacity to ask young Ms. Mangiante to spy on her husband.

But as soon as the young Italian started discussing her former boss Joseph Mifsud and his ties to the Clinton Foundation, things really got bad.

  Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos and her rise to fame from her beginnings in Caserta, Italy, to her marriage to George Papadopoulos in March, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.  The Papadopoulos’s met online after both working for the London Centre of International Law Practice. They both worked with Joseph Mifsud. Simona called Mifsud “sneaky” and in her testimony before Congress that was recently and finally released by House Democrats, Simona reported that Mifsud worked for the Clinton Foundation.
On Sunday we reported the Deep State FBI asked young Simona, now a model, to spy on her husband!
The Gateway Pundit recently obtained text messages between an anonymous source and Ms. Papadopoulos.  After reaching out to Ms. Papadopoulos, she confirmed that the FBI asked her to spy on her husband!
But what happened next was even more egregious.
According to Simona, in a discussion with the Gateway Pundit, if you look at the time line after she talked about the Mifsud connection to the Clintons in July, 2018 to Congress, you will see that she became a target of the Deep State.  She said she was, “Just doing my best … to help this country [the US]”.
A guy by the name of Scott Stedman, a young ambitious journalist, who later dedicated two chapters in a book to Simona Papadopoulos, claimed that she lived in an expensive apartment in London when she first moved there.  Simona says, “So what?” She claims she had just moved there and after working for seven years for the EU as an attorney, her rent was not out of the ordinary.  She claims that this Stedman character [who appears to promote fake news as well as the mainstream media] criticized her because she was already studying acting, he implied that she was more than a lawyer in London (i.e. a spy).
Stedman began writing about Ms. Papadopoulos soon after she went before Congress and explained under oath that Joseph Mifsud worked for the Clinton Foundation. 
Simona knew that Mifsud was linked to the Clinton Foundation.  The liberal mainstream media could not let this news leak out!
This news about Mifsud was hidden by the Democrats in Congress until recently when they were forced to release the secret transcripts thanks to Acting DNI Richard Grenell.
Of course Stedman slandered the Trump Administration and family as often as possible and pushed the false Trump-Russia narrative as well.
Soon after Simona testified in front of Congress stating that Mifsud worked with the Clintons, she was attacked by Stedman and the left. 
The left began using all efforts to criticize and besmirch Ms. Papadopoulos.
An audio tape came out of Mifsud after he went into hiding in 2019.  Ms. Papadopoulos, who worked with Mifsud, told The Gateway Pundit that she believes it is not his voice in the audio recording.
Simona has heard rumors and accounts that Mifsud is hanging around Rome and was recently reportedly identified near Milan.  He has been in hiding since the early days of the Trump Presidency and the beginnings of the Deep State’s attempted coup of the President of the United States of America.

Americans want justice and are patiently waiting for those involved in the coup attempt of President Trump to be held accountable. 

Ms. Papadopoulos was targeted, along with her husband, by the Deep State because they knew too much about the Obama and Clinton ties to the Russia Collusion lie.  And now they are speaking about their horrific ordeal.

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